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Blackberry margarita recipe

Blackberry margarita recipe

Will definitely make again. It can be made jargarita advance. And speaking of which… while I have not tried it, substituting raspberries for blackberries should work very well.

Blackberry margarita recipe -

Blackberry Simple Syrup — For the best taking fresh blackberry margarita, I highly recommend making your own Blackberry Simple Syrup From Scratch! However, you can also make this with store-bought blackberry simple syrup. Torani brand carries a line of great simple syrups that you can find at your local stores.

Lime Juice — Freshly squeezed is best, but store-bought will also work in a pinch. Rim — I recommend pairing simple syrup with sugar and lime juice with salt when choosing your rim!

Frozen Margarita — Cool down even more by enjoying this recipe as a Frozen Blackberry Margarita! To do so, pour the margarita mix into a blender with ice and pulse until slushy. Margaritas For 2 — Most cocktail shakers can fit two drinks; therefore, you can serve up two drinks by doubling the recipe.

One for you and one for a friend! Blackberry Margarita Additions and Substitutions Feel free to swap out the silver tequila for your favorite as well as use your favorite orange liqueur in this recipe.

Can this Blackberry Margarita Recipe be made without alcohol? Is A Margarita Better With Cointreau or Triple Sec? What Is The Ratio Of Alcohol In A Margarita? Author Rebecca Hubbell.

Course Drink. Cuisine Mexican Inspired. Prep Time 5 minutes minutes. Total Time 5 minutes minutes. Servings 1 drink. Cook Mode Prevent your screen from going dark. Dip the rim of the glass in simple syrup or lime juice or run a lime wedge around the rim and then dip in either salt or sugar to coat and set aside.

Add 1½ ounces silver tequila , 1 ounce orange liqueur , 1 ounce fresh lime juice , and 1 ounce Blackberry Simple Syrup to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds and strain into a glass filled halfway with nugget or crushed ice. Garnish with Blackberries and lime wedges and serve.

Notes Two drinks should fit in most standard cocktail shakers, so feel free to double the recipe! More blackberry syrup can be added if you prefer. It can be made in advance. Search Order the Home for the Holidays Cookbook. Start Here All Recipes Entertaining At Home With Ashley Work With Me Contact.

Order the Home for the Holidays Cookbook. Ingredients for Blackberry Margaritas Blackberries: Fresh and frozen blackberries are used in this recipe.

Sugar: Used in our simple syrup. As well as for rimming the margarita glasses. I do not suggest skipping the simple syrup; blackberries are tart and the flavor will be very imbalanced without the sugar. Water: This is used for the simple syrup and should not be replaced with any other liquid.

And lime slices or wedges to garnish your margarita glasses. Orange Liqueur: Triple sec will work in a pinch, but I suggest an orange liqueur like Cointreau or Grand Marnier.

Orange Juice: Freshlysqueezed orange juice works best, but store-bought will work in a pinch. How to Make Blackberry Margaritas These are just my pro-tips: Jump to the Recipe for the Full Instruction!

This is done by boiling down blackberries with sugar, water, and lime juice. Then pressing the mixture though a fine-mesh strainer. Blend the Margaritas: Make sure you have a large powerful blender for this step.

If your margaritas look too thin, you can add more frozen blackberries. And if they look too thick, you can add a splash more orange juice. Garnish and Serve: Add sugar or salt to the rims of your margarita glasses, if desired.

Then pour the margarita mix in, filling all the way to the rim of the glass. Top with fresh blackberries and a lime wedge and serve! Due to the nature of frozen margaritas, these are best served right away.

Tools Needed for this Recipe: High-Power Blender : A must have for making smooth and creamy frozen margaritas! Margaritas Glasses : Although any glass will technically work, these stunning margarita glasses are always a good idea!

Cocktail Sugar: If you want to put sugar on the rim of the glass, this sugar works great! Over the rocks means a mixed cocktail over ice cubes. You place the fresh ice cubes in your cocktail glass and then place the tequila, Chambord, and lime juice into a cocktail shaker.

Pour over a fine-mesh strainer over the ice in the glass. Garnish with fresh blackberries and sliced fresh limes. The Chambord is a berry, berry good second liquor. And speaking of which… while I have not tried it, substituting raspberries for blackberries should work very well.

The wet used is either the tequila or the Chambord, the dry used is corse salt. If you are unsure how to rim a glass, click here for easy directions on how to rim a cocktail glass. It is not a skinny margarita either which to me do not taste very good.

Are you ready to make the best blackberry margarita recipe in the world? Based on a classic margarita recipe, this frozen blackberry margarita uses fresh berries, a salted rim, good tequila, lime juice, and Chambord to make one of my favorite recipes, which I hope becomes your new favorite, too.

Remember that you can tweet and add your favorite berry, lime zest, fresh lime slices, to go with the tequila and make your own version of one of the best drinks out there. Whether you plan on sipping a libation on your outdoor patio this weekend, would like a terrific new cocktail for Cinco de mayo or national margarita day, or just want to drink a good margarita, give this great tasting recipe a try.

Use tequila for the wet, and margarita salt for the dry. Set aside. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Note: for exact nutritional information, consult your dietitian. All nutritional information provided is simply a guideline. Try one of these delicious margarita recipes:. This refreshing Italian margarita is an easy-to-make cocktail perfect for a party, sipping in the backyard, or enjoying a relaxing weekend with friends.

This Peach Margarita is just the drink for the occasion. On the rocks, this Peach Margarita Recipe is exquisitely sweet, refreshing, and potent! A taste sensation in a glass! They are my recipe feature this Tuesday at the Talk Of The Town Party 🙂.

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Pin It Normally I save the cocktails for Caffeine and soda consumption weekend, but sometimes you mararita have mqrgarita of those days or, in this case, week. Three busy Blackberfy, school activities, home rexipe, not Non-GMO health supplements mention a week old eecipe Blackberry margarita recipe ate a year old rotten duck egg from the neighbor's yard don't ask! Yeah, that was fun to clean up. Let's just say a beverage mafgarita take the edge off was in order. I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of hard alcohol. But when it is shaken up with citrus, fruit flavors, and a bit of sugar, then I am on board. I made tacos the other night with leftover pork shoulder from Sunday I'll get to that recipe soon and homemade flour tortillas. Blackberry margarita recipe


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