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BIA body composition monitor

BIA body composition monitor

compoaition, fat, bone, etc. Quick, Actionable Homemade facial masks. Other domposition which may impact the BIA measurement and should therefore also be standardised are [16]:. Want to combine the skinfold assessment method with an easy-to-read digital display?

BIA body composition monitor -

Charder uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis BIA to estimate body composition. At its core, the concept of BIA is based on the differing electrical conductivity of body tissue. For example, electrolyte-containing body water is a good conductor of electricity, whereas fat acts as an insulator.

The properties of body tissue allow for differentiation and determination of body composition. Traditional BIA devices estimate body composition using one frequency 50kHz is most commonly used.

The frequency of the current affects the resistance of biological conductors. Because low frequencies have difficulty overcoming and passing through cell membranes, they are well-suited for measurement of extracellular water.

High frequency currents can pass through cell membrane walls, making it possible to measure intracellular water. Conventional BIA uses regression equations to produce estimates of Total Body Water, Extra- and Intracellular Water. This is where Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis BIVA comes in.

BIVA assesses fluid status and body cell mass through Resistance R and Reactance Xc. Tanita were the first organisation to release muscle centile charts for children, which is a big thing for the industry.

With body composition, instead of talking about body fat or weight, which can have a lot of negative connotations, you can talk about muscle and hydration and have a much more positive conversation. So those two devices are our bestselling clinical devices. Give your business an edge with our leading industry insights.

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BIA NV SA Tanita Corp View all. How well do you really know your competitors? View profiles in store. Company Profile — free sample Thank you! Your download email will arrive shortly. The mean coefficient of variation for within-day, intra-individual measurements, has ranged from 0.

Standard measurement conditions may vary depending on the machine type e. hand-to-hand, leg-to-leg, supine vs. standing, etc. Other factors which may impact the BIA measurement and should therefore also be standardised are [16]:.

The standardisation of hydration status is clearly of importance for BIA, as the method is reliant on estimations of total body water to ascertain fat-free mass.

For female athletes, difference in hydration status during menses may significantly alter impedance [17] and should be a consideration when assessing female athletes with BIA. Saunders et al. hyperhydrated or hypohydrated , indicating that even small changes in fluid balance that occur with endurance training may be interpreted as a change in body fat content.

In addition, eating and strenuous exercise hours prior to assessment have also previously been shown to decrease impedance; ultimately affecting the accuracy of the measurement [19]. The need to standardise eating, exercise, and both acute and chronic hydration changes are clearly important to provide valid body composition estimations.

As mentioned previously, there are several issues with BIA measurement that may limit its use in an applied setting. Methodological limitations of BIA may affect the ability of the method to accurately determine body composition. The primary issues with BIA are:. Sensor Placement One such limitation is the placement of the sensors, and their ability to give readings of total body composition.

As electrical current follows the path of least resistance, some scales may send current through the lower body only, missing the upper body entirely. Similarly, hand-held instruments may only assess the body composition of the upper extremities.

As females typically have a higher proportion of adipose tissue in the gluteal-femoral region [20], it is possible that this would not be represented using hand-held BIA devices. Hand-to-foot BIA devices, however, may allow for greater accuracy, as the current is sent from the upper body to the lower body, and is less likely to be influenced by the distribution of body fat.

Hydration and Glycogen Levels Regardless, all devices are still subject to the same limitations that other BIA devices are.

Deurenberg et al. They speculated that changes in glycogen stores, and the loss of water bound to glycogen molecules, may affect BIA estimates of fat-free mass.

In athletic populations, where varying glycogen stores are likely throughout a training week, it is likely that this will lead to some variation in the detection of change in fat-free mass in athletes as glycogen is likely to be affected by both diet, as well as the intensity, duration, and modality of previous training sessions — even with protocol standardisation.

Effect of incorrect measures in the applied setting An important consideration when assessing the individual variation of BIA is the potential consequences that an incorrect reading can have. This can have wide-ranging implications, from assessing the efficacy of previous dietary and training interventions to making decisions on the correct interventions moving forward.

For example, an athlete may be singled out for interventions to reduce their body fat based on their BIA assessment and normative values, yet other methods may suggest that their body composition is optimal.

The primary area for future research in this area is clearly the need for validated BIA equations for athletes in a range of sports and with varying body composition. It is important that these equations are validated using a total-body, water-based, four-compartment method, in an attempt to minimise the measurement error that is found when equations are based on the two-compartment model; such as hydrostatic weighing.

As such, the following areas of research are needed to expand current knowledge on this topic:. To conclude, it is likely that BIA is not a suitable body composition assessment method for athletic populations.

The lack of a validated equation for this population, combined with the large individual error reported in overweight and obese populations, suggests that BIA does not provide accurate body composition data for both single-measure and repeated measures. Learn how to improve your athletes' agility.

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Contents of Article Summary What is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis? Types of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis What are the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis equations?

Is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis valid and reliable? Are there issues with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis? Is future research needed with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis? Conclusion References About the Author.

Figure 1. The difference in bioelectrical conductivity between muscle and fat. References Buccholz, C. Bartok and D. Franssen, E. Rutten, M. Groenen, L. Vanfleteren, E. Wouters and M. Schlager, R. Stollberger, R. Felsberger, H. Hutten and H. Bergsma-Kadijk, B.

Baumeister and P. Sun, C. Chumlea, S. Heymsfield , H. Lukaski, D. Schoeller, K. Friedl, R.

Comlosition composition analysis describes what the body is made of, Energy-boosting supplements for athletes between body water, protein, minerals, and mohitor to provide more precise monitot beyond weight and Gody. Charder's devices use Moniror BIA body composition monitor Analysis BIAfor fast, boy, non-invasive, and easily repeatable analysis. Boasting multiple measurement frequencies and sophisticated algorithms, Charder stands by our devices with clinical trials and over ten years of original peer-reviewed scientific research, for results you can trust. Charder uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis BIA to estimate body composition. At its core, the concept of BIA is based on the differing electrical conductivity of body tissue. For example, electrolyte-containing body water is a good conductor of electricity, whereas fat acts as an insulator.


Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Use a BIA Scale Nutritional assessment Meet Fitness cokposition Weight BIA body composition monitor Goals. Anisha Shah, MD, is a board-certified internist, interventional cardiologist, and fellow of ckmposition American Compositiin of Compositon. Adah is an occupational therapist, working in the area of pediatrics with elementary students with special needs in the schools. Her work as an occupational therapist includes: home health, acute care, chronic care, seating and positioning, outpatient rehab, and skilled nursing rehab. Bioelectrical impedance analysis BIA measures body composition based on the rate at which an electrical current travels through the body. BIA body composition monitor

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